Be Concerned When Tire Pressure Starts to Drop

Don't assume that air is naturally escaping the car tires or a drop in temperatures is affecting your car tires, consider these tire tips from Round Rock Genesis to keep you safe on the roads today.

Inspect the tires for anything stuck in the treads. If you do this on a regular basis, you lessen the chances of that obstruction allowing the tires to become underinflated and lead to a blowout on the roads. Never remove anything from the tire yourself, it can only make things worse.

While looking at the car tires, pay close attention to cracks in the treads or if you see bulges developing on or near the sidewall. These are warning signs of trouble, and the sooner you have the tires inspected by a professional, the less likely it will be they cause a tire blowout and leave you stranded on the highway.

Time to schedule a tire rotation for your vehicle at our dealership today!



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